About Us

Who We Are

Investar is a family owned private holding company with majority and minority investments in companies, real estate and other assets.

We are dedicated to finding and developing outstanding investment opportunities in a broad range of businesses, where we can work closely with excellent management teams in order to maximize the value of our shareholders' investment.

Our investments today are broadly classified as Operating Companies, Private Equity (PE), Active Equity, Real Estate (RE), Deep Value Investment Fund and Digital Lab:

  • Operating Companies: Companies controlled and operated by Investar, focused on the US Hispanic Market and that have high growth potential and profitability

  • Private Equity: investments are focused in the lower-middles market PE space, partnering with strong sector specialists, in industries with tail winds and in companies with high potential for operational value creation.

  • Active Equity: Co-Investments in which Investar exercises influence on the decision process, through the Board and Committees

  • Real Estate: investments are focused in various RE asset classes partnering with sector specialists and taking advantage of the market cycles.

  • Deep Value Investment Fund: focuses its investments in AAA-rated companies in sectors with previous expertise like healthcare, financials, and consumer staples and discretionary.

  • Digital Lab: investment opportunities are based on “New Economy” fundamentals and leveraged on our “Old Economy” knowledge of industries and markets.


  • We seek to invest opportunistically in businesses, projects and assets that can generate current cash flow and provide high potential upside.
  • We expect the best investment opportunities to come from major market corrections, credit market disruptions, partnerships where our money has preferential treatment and by investing in companies with high barriers to entry.
  • For majority owned and operated businesses we have a long term investment horizon, no specific timeframe for exit and we have a preference and focus on generating year-over-year cash flow growth.
  • For non-operating investments, we are focused on generating high internal rates of return over a time horizon of up to 5 years. We are interested in knowing all possible exit strategies, but remain agnostic as to the source of the investment returns.
  • Investment decisions are taken based not only on the merits of the individual investment, but also with the entire portfolio in mind. We attempt to stay diversified across asset classes, sectors, geography, company size and maturity.

Our Mission

Develop and manage investment opportunities, in businesses where we work with excellent teams who share our core values.

Our portfolio companies will be built on these pillars:

  • Strong focus on customer satisfaction
  • Professional and personal development of our people
  • Ethical, fair treatment of all our business partners
  • Good corporate citizenship
  • Consistent value creation for our shareholders

Our Vision

At Investar, we believe human capital is the most important factor for success. We build teams characterized by strong leadership, passion and discipline in execution. Our diversified portfolio of companies and investments will generate superior value through growth, efficient operations, relevance in their markets, and strong focus in their industry.

What we value

  • Honesty: To speak the truth, recognize the truth, appreciate the truth
  • Integrity: To be consistent in our deeds, with our words
  • Respect: To treat all others (people and institutions) with dignity and as we wish to be treated
  • Service: To serve others: our clients, our community, our colleagues
  • Discipline: To execute on the agreements: deliver the goods
  • Simplicity, frugality: Keeping things simple, avoiding waste of time, energy, resources
  • Professionalism: Doing things well, in depth, conscientiously
  • Continuous improvement: To maintain the hunger to be better always
  • Integral development: We hire people, not things. We must provide opportunities for maximum development of talent
  • Passion: To do everything with passion, otherwise it isn't worth it